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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mr Philemon sums it up


Opposition slams plan to buy VIP jet

THE Opposition has slammed the Government over its plans to buy a K128 million Falcon jet.
Deputy Opposition Leader Bart Philemon said the Government of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare “does not care and has lost all sense of
“Just last month, we increased MPs vehicle allowance by 50 per cent and housing allowance by 42 per cent - much to the embarrassment and
shame of some of us,” Mr Philemon said.
“And now the Government has robbed another priority expenditure to add to the budgeted K40 million from 2008 to purchase a Falcon jet.”
Mr Philemon said it was common knowledge that such an aircraft would be for the exclusive use of a few — the Prime Minister and his Cabinet
“And what is this about the difficulties the Prime Minister has with leg room on the current Kumul plane as a basis for the purchase of a
Falcon jet. How absurd can we get?
“What defies any rationale is that this Falcon Jet will only be able to land on four airports — Jackson in Port Moresby, Nadzab in Lae,
Vanimo in Sandaun and Tokua in East New Britain.
"What about the other airports in the other provinces and Bougainville? On what basis is this aircraft going to be bought given this glaring
“How many times will our development partners remind us of our poor social indicators?
“How many times will taxpayers and our constituents decry the deteriorating roads and bridges?
“In short, when is this National Alliance-led Government of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare going to get its priorities right?
“Time and time again, I have, based on the untabled Right-Sizing the Public Sector Report report, highlighted that:
l K20 million could go to pay for medical supplies to provide a full course of vaccinations for nearly 32,000 young children per year
l K10 million could pay for elementary schools for 34,000 per year
l K10 million could pay for regravelling of 60 kilometres of road
l K20 million could pay for single coat re-sealing of 200 kilometres of road
l K25 million could pay for an additional 1650 police increasing manpower strength by some 33 per cent.
“Given the unnecessary deaths of our mothers and children, can I call on the Government to reconsider its decision?
“Stop reinforcing the image of us politicians as self-serving MPs who do not care for our people,” Mr Philemon said.


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